iFi Audio: ZEN Blue 3 & ZEN CAN 3 Now Live

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Today iFi Audio has announced and released their latest products from their ZEN 3 series. The world’s first lossless audio receiver & transmitter - The ZEN Blue 3 & The ZEN CAN 3 - a headphone amp that supports xMEMS and has built in EQ modes for nights in at the movies and a mode designed for some serious gaming.

ZEN Blue 3 back panel

Zen Blue 3 Key Features at a glance:

  •  Lossless CD Quality Sound - world's first wireless DAC that can both transmit and receive lossless CD Quality with no data loss
  • Has the latest Bluetooth 5.4 as well as aptX Lossless codec, LDAC & LDHC/HWA.
  • Switchable Low Latency Mode - perfect for gaming sessions & streaming films/TV. This mode resolves the delay issue between video and audio, meaning they will be in sync. 
  • Three Function Modes - RX mode which receives Bluetooth from a source device, TY mode which transmits Bluetooth to a device or the wired DAC mode.
  • Balanced 4.4mm pentaconn line output - users with a balanced audio set up rejoice! You can look forward to significantly reduced signal noise
  • All New Aesthetic - in line with the Zen 3 product series, the Zen Blue 3 showcases an eye-catching two tone front panel design to help it stand out.
  • Price £299.00
ZEN CAN 3 Front Panel

Zen CAN 3 Key Features at a glance:

  • xMEMS Support -  iFi Audio is proud to be at the forefront of innovation. by incorporating xMEMS support into the ZEN CAN 3, listeners have the option to try innovative speaker technology that pushes the boundaries of headphone performance
  • Modern design & superior parts - The ZEN CAN 3 also gets the two-tone makeover and features premium components from top manufacturers like Panasonic, TDK, MELF, Texas Instruments, and muRata. It also includes iFi/AMR’s own ‘OV’ series op-amps for superior performance.
  • Gaming and Film Modes - It's official, the ZEN CAN 3 is built for more than just music. Featuring two new analogue EQ modes, one tuned for Gaming and the other for Films/ TV shows. Movie mode enhances dialogue clarity, while Game mode makes low-level sound effects crystal-clear to keep you one step ahead of your opponents, at all times.
  • Xbass & Xspace- both still feature with the all new ZEN CAN 3. XBass+ and XSpace settings ensure precise bass and a wide soundstage.
  • Unrivalled power - Perfect for difficult-to-drive headphones, the ZEN CAN 3 brings up to 2,000mW continuous output power to deliver an exceptional sound experience for almost every headphone on the market. The ZEN CAN 3 also features 0-18dB adjustable gain, with +6dB steps to perfectly match your headphones.
  • Price £229.00
ZEN CAN 3 back panel

It is clear that the Zen 3 series of products continue to improve upon their predecessors with newer technology and incorporating newer use cases of their products into their DNA. The new design aesthetic is visually pleasing, demonstrating iFi Audio's attention to detail both internally and externally. As the brand's popularity grows, we eagerly anticipate what comes next.

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