We Grow Sales

KSD - Sales Development & Support

Sales Development & Support

Our in-house team of sales representatives are constantly looking for new opportunities, while maintaining strong relationships with our existing dealer network.

KSD - Direct Connection To Major Retailers

Direct Connection To Major Retailers

Quickly get your brand in front of a massive group of consumers via our direct connections to big box retailers via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

KSD - Local Brand Websites & eCommerce

Local Brand Websites & eCommerce

We build and maintain official branded websites and provide in-house customer service to give your brand local UK and EU presence.

We Are Reliable And Efficient

KSD - Fast and Efficient Logistics

Fast and Efficient Logistics

Making use of technology and automation to ensure products are in the right place at the right time, delivered from our clean and modern warehouses located in the UK and EU.

KSD - Advanced Operational IT Systems

Advanced Operational IT Systems

Our advanced software systems enable precise stock management, accurate forecasting and detailed reporting.

KSD - UK & EU Regulation Compliance

UK & EU Regulation Compliance

We ensure brands are not at risk of non-compliance with regulations by reviewing product safety documentation and by making registrations for electronics, battery and packaging waste.

We Are Customer Focused

KSD - Customer Care

Customer Care

We have an in-house telephone and email helpdesk team to support customers before and after the sale, including technical support, delivery updates, product servicing and returns handling.

KSD - Returns & Servicing

Returns & Servicing

We have an in-house returns and servicing department, where we do product testing, returns grading, out of warranty repairs and resale of B grade goods.

KSD - Marketplace Management

Marketplace Management

Our years of experience and understanding of UK and EU law means we have tools such as Selective Distribution systems and marketplace monitoring tools to help take care of high quality brands.

Our Partners

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Brand Building

To complement our physical distribution capability we provide results driven brand building PR and marketing services via our sister company